Learn how a small family-owned metal parts company founded in 1945 evolved into a life safety company recognized today around the world.

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75 Years of Innovation


Laying the Foundation

1945 – Fike is Founded
Lester Fike Sr. and Rose Fike open L.L. Fike Metal Products in the basement of their Independence, Mo. home. The “Triple Topper” jar opener becomes their first flagship product.

1955 – Rupture Disc Patent
Fike Sr. learns his previous company’s rupture disc patents were set to expire. To fulfill an industry need for corrosive-resistant rupture discs, he files his first rupture disc patent for high-pressure vessels.

1957 – Fike HQ
Ground breaks in Blue Springs, Mo. for what would become Fike Corporation’s World Headquarters.


Fire and Explosion Protection Development

1965 – Explosion Vents Patent
Fike enters explosion protection industry by applying rupture disc technology into deflagration vents.

1973 – Fire Suppression Patent
Fike enters the fire protection industry as the first to patent a remotely actuatable fire suppression apparatus.

1974 – Les Fike Jr.
In 1980 Fike Jr. is also named Chairman of the Board and prepares to lead his father’s company into international expansion.

Man looking at a fire test behind a closed door.


New Name, Same Dedication

1980 – Fike’s First International Office – Japan
A partnership with Takashi Shimura to establish Fike Japan is validated with nothing more than a handshake—a deal that stood for more than 30 years up to his retirement in 2015.

1980 – Hygienic Rupture Discs
Fike patents low-pressure, corrosive-resistant rupture disc assemblies, ideal for hygienic industries including food and beverage and pharmaceutical. In 1989 this technology would be implemented into Fike’s hygienic deflagration vents.

1981 – Fire Detection and Control
Fike manufacturers its first fire protection panel in support of the company’s blossoming fire suppression capabilities.

1986 – 1m3 Vessel Built and Installed

Fike expands the capabilities of its testing facilities building and installing the first in the US 1m3 vessel


Products, Capabilities Evolve

1993 – International Explosion Protection
Fike explosion protection launches into global markets by participating in testing program with CIBA authority.

1994 – Halon Replacement
Fike manufacturers first UL-listed and FM-approved Halon replacement fire protection system.

1995 – Large-Scale Testing Facility
State-of-the-art explosion testing facility established just outside of Fike Headquarters to support new product and application development under real-world conditions.

1997 – Max Jewell – President and CEO
Jewell continues the legacy left on Fike by the late Gary Batz.

Remote Test Site explosion test


A New Millennium of Safety

2001 – Flameless Venting
Fike offers first US-manufactured flameless explosion venting devices

2001 – Flow Lab
Fike Flow Lab conducts its first test and is granted ASME Certificate of Acceptance.

2002 – G2 Manufacturing – Axius and Atlas
Fike engineers, manufactures and distributes Axius and Atlas pre-engineered, reverse-acting rupture discs, representing the most reliable and multi-use rupture discs on the market to this day.

2003 – ATEX-Certification
Fike becomes the first explosion protection manufacturer to receive ATEX certification of its explosion vents.

2007 – Philadelphia Museum of Art
Fike ECARO-25 and Cheetah XI fire protection systems are installed in the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

G2 rupture disc production


The Future of Industrial Safety Solutions

2010 – Deepwater Horizon
Fike engineers solutions to assist in the Deepwater Horizon leak in the Gulf of Mexico

2010 – Chuck Kopolous – President and CEO
Taking over for the late Max Jewell, Chuck Kopolous is named president and CEO.

2015 – Fike Academy Europe
An extension of the Fike Europe headquarters in Belgium, Fike Academy opens in March of 2015.

2015 – Fike Turkey Opens

2016 – Brad Batz – President and CEO
Taking over for Chuck Kopolous’ retirement, Brad Batz is named president and CEO.

More than 400 Patents Worldwide

Over the past 65 years, Fike has employed some of the world’s brightest, most passionate people in  industrial safety. Their dedication has resulted in Fike owning numerous patents within pressure relief, explosion protection and fire protection, each of which are used to improve our capabilities and the reliability of our solutions.

Our People


To continue to be recognized globally as the most trusted risk-mitigation partner, we must continue to develop ourselves and our capabilities.

Brad Batz