Electrical Compliance Lab and Factory Acceptance Testing – Fike Testing Capabilities

What does a lightning strike and piece of software code have in common? Both can have devastating results on the performance of an electrically powered fire panel or explosion suppression system. Through various tests and services, Fike’s Electrical Compliance Lab establishes that each of Fike’s electrical products operates as intended and within UL/FM requirements and standards.

Transcript, by Brent Mlika

The role of the Electrical Compliance lab is to test the products that have been outlined by Fike. Fike engineering will provide specifics on what should the circuit do, how should it act, and we make sure that it meets that.

It doesn’t matter if it’s fire alarm, fire suppression, explosion protection, explosion suppression—if it’s an electrical product, it comes through our team to ensure it’s validated for internal requirements and external requirements.

It’s important because Fike doesn’t just make a claim. It doesn’t just say this product can do this under all these conditions. We test and test and test and test, an extensive amount of testing, to ensure the product is safe.

One of the tests that we run is called “transience.” There is supply line transience, field wiring transience, and internally induced transience. All of them simulate a high-voltage spike being introduced into the lines of our product. And those high-power lines interfering and causing noise under our circuits. The product is to operate as expected without any hiccups, which means it can’t even notice that value is there.

We simulate the life of the product in the lab with extensive testing over and over the same test just to make sure the product works when called upon. When you’re dealing with life safety, you don’t want to guess if it works, you don’t want to assume it works, you want to make sure it works. So that is the big part of why electrical compliance is essential to product development. You’re talking about 100 parts on a board, if one fails the whole thing fails.

It matters a lot. It matters because everything we do is based around life safety.