Penny Ursino

Director of Sales Operations

Penny is the Director of Sales Operations.

“The role of my team is to determine the processes, systems, and training that support our sales goals and infrastructure.  We ensure our systems are effective for day to day processing from the first touch with the customer through after sales support.  We implement new technologies in our quest to continuously improve and make it easy to do business with.

Our teams support external and internal customers so it is a critical role.  We provide support and education for our installed products which enables our customer(s) to have safe and reliable life safety systems.  We also support and maintain systems to help understand, enrich and support the customer experience.

Sales operation functions have taken place since our company beginnings more than 70 years ago, but obviously today things are accomplished with new methods.”

Penny’s Education:

“I received a Bachelor of Science degree summa cum laude in technical management.”

What Penny’s team members say about her:

“Working for Penny is a wonderful experience. She has such an established reputation here at Fike, and has been a part of so many exciting projects she brings a lot of excellent background knowledge to the team.”