Fire Suppression and Detection Systems – Protecting Special Hazards

The world has changed dramatically since Fike entered the fire protection industry more than 50 years ago. Fike’s products have evolved with today’s technologies every step of the way to protect the world’s data centers, telecommunications facilities, chemical processing factories, manufacturing facilities and power plants safe from fires. Disaster doesn’t wait. Stay proactive, stay protected with Fike.

Transcript, in order of appearance: Jason Jones, Amos Leap, Kevin Montgomery

Without reliable fire protection, human life obviously is at stake. And then the survival of a business is at stake, literally. Many businesses never recover from the effects of a fire.

If you have a fire and you’re only protected by sprinklers or you have no protection, you can be shut down for weeks or months.

With sprinkler systems, they try to keep the building from being a total loss or to keep it from spreading. We try to catch those fires a lot sooner and do a lot less damage.

With a data center, water would damage the servers, your equipment could go down, and so you want to take that extra level of protection and get a clean agent system or early warning protection to protect that equipment and keep it up and running so you don’t have downtime.

Today’s special hazard fire suppression systems typically consist of a detection and control package that picks up a fire in the very earliest stages. That fire could be the size of a candle flame. It could even be just the first bi-products of combustion from insulation starting to melt on a conductor. We have systems that can pick that up.

That’s going to trigger the release of an agent of some sort. That agent will be dispensed in the space in 10 seconds or less and will put out the fire at that very early stage.

We’ve always got teams of engineers that are just thinking about what can we do better and looking for gaps in the market that aren’t being served today. Typically, we identify those gaps by being very close to our customers.

Because of our ability to listen to the customers, Fike is a global leader in fire suppression.

You will find our systems installed in mass transit stations in the Asia Pacific market, you might find us in data centers in the Mid-East, we protect Silicon Valley in the US, you might find us in automobile plants in Mexico and South America, so virtually every application where you would use special hazard is present everywhere in the world and, Fike has a system that covers those applications.