Decades of serving the chemical industry assure Fike has the solutions required to protect your facility and employees from overpressure, explosions and fire.

Oil & Gas

Hydraulic tubing drains, pressure activation devices and custom-engineered rupture discs protect specific processes in the oil and gas industry.


Fike’s engineering and testing capabilities produce highly reliable explosion vents and pressure relief devices to install on original equipment manufacturer products.

Food & Beverage

Hygienic and CIP/SIP-compliant safety solutions safeguard the food and beverage industry from explosion, pressure and fire-related hazards.

Data Center

Fast-acting fire detection and non-electronically conductive fire suppression solutions protect data centers’ critical assets and business continuity.

Any Industry. Any Application.
Fike Delivers.

Regardless of your industry, rest assured Fike has the products, capabilities and experts to produce the most reliable solution possible for nearly any application. Contact us today, and let us make your problem our responsibility.