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Pressure Solutions for Upstream, Midstream and Downstream

Innumerable variables faced within any chemical processing facility make finding an experienced safety solutions provider imperative to protecting against possible downtime, damaged equipment, and most importantly, casualties. Fike’s decades of serving the chemical processing industry reaffirm we have the products and technical expertise required to protect your facility from overpressure, explosion and fire.

Pressure Activation Devices (PADs)

As wells continue to be drilled deeper, encountering higher pressures and temperatures than ever before, reliable tool activation is critical. Fike’s Pressure Activation Devices (PADs) facilitate downhole pressure activation, serving as effective alternatives to wireline activation, mechanical manipulation and shear pins.

Oil rigs


PADs offer corrosion-resistant control downhole both in either tubing or annulus applications, and are constructed with Inconel discs to perform in even the most aggressive downhole conditions. Common upstream applications for PADs include: drilling, deep water casing, drill stem testing and completion tools.


Off Shore & Sub Sea

PADs may be used throughout the midstream process, including in pumping processes via pump stations, transportation processes via tank trailers, barges, rails and pipelines, and storing processes via storage tanks.

Engineered Products

Fike’s PADs have been custom engineered to solve hundreds of unique problems within the oil and gas industry. Equipped with an ASME-certified Flow Lab, a Metallurgy Lab and sophisticated in-house manufacturing equipment, Fike’s capabilities of producing custom PADs for nearly any oil and gas application are unmatched. If you have a unique need, we have the ability to meet nearly any demanding application.

Hydraulic Tubing Drains (HTDs)

Fike’s Hydraulic Tubing Drains (HTDs) utilize rupture disc technology to provide accurate and reliable actuation of drain openings downhole. HTDs drastically reduce the frequency of stuck tubing strings, likely caused from sand, paraffin, corrosion and other debris that settle between downhole tools and casings. When installed strategically, HTDs offer preventative methods to avoid costly downtime or dangerous hazards to people and the environment.


Packers and Anchors

Packers are screwed into production tubing strings and seal the space between the outside of the tubing string and the inside of the casing. Anchors prevent reciprocation of the tubing during production. When either become stuck, a Fike HTD may be activated at the surface to circulate solids and debris, working the packer or anchor free and retrievable.


Sucker Rod Pumps (SRPs)

Sucker Rod Pumps frequently get stuck in the hole due to produced solids and rod breaks. Malfunctioning or inoperative drain valves commonly result in the inability to retrieve these oversized tubing pumps. Effectively installing an HTD in sucker rod pumps eliminates the hazards of handling stuck pumps, and any resulting downtime and hazards.


Electrical Submersible Pumps (ESPs)

A method of lifting moderate- to high-volumes of fluids from wellbores, electrical submersible pumps are also susceptible to becoming stuck due to solids and debris. HTDs help protect ESPs and prevent fluid dumping back into the pump.


Progressive Cavity Pumps (PCPs)

PCPs consist of a rotating rotor inside of a flexible stator. The rotor is driven by a rod string inside the tubing that is rotated by a surface monitor, during which the rotor can become stuck in the tubing string due to the produced solids. Draining the tubing string with an HTD enhances the ability to retrieve the PCP safely and efficiently.

Rupture Discs for Pressure Relief

Fike rupture discs have been used for decades to provide pressure relief in countless oil and gas applications. Whether downhole or topside, onshore or offshore, our rupture discs are trusted around the world to provide reliable pressure relief that protects against downtime, injury and environmental hazards.

Oil rigs


During the production life of a well, a wellhead can experience overpressure conditions due to plugged flow lines, valves or other fittings or an inadvertently closed valve. When overpressure occurs, it can go unnoticed for long periods of time and eventually shut down a well and/or create a dangerous situation for workers. Fike rupture discs may be installed in the flow line, after the check valve, and routed directly back to the tubing head, creating an obstruction in this by-pass flow line, until the predetermined pressure of the rupture disc is reached. When pressure reaches the rupture disc’s burst pressure, the disc bursts, returning the overpressure flow back into the annulus of the well.



Surface processing facilities use a wealth of hydrocarbon-refining processes, many of which require precisely engineered pressure relief solutions. For example, one of the first steps upstream is the separation of gas from liquid, which includes both water and oil. The separation phase is highly susceptible to overpressure, which may lead to expensive downtime, or worse. Fike rupture discs are engineered and manufactured to either serve as the primary means of pressure relief or as a secondary backup to pressure relief valves. Other applications requiring reliable pressure relief solutions include water knockouts, heat exchangers, flare stacks and many more.

Engineered Products

Fike’s rupture discs have been custom engineered to solve hundreds of unique problems within the oil and gas industry. Equipped with an ASME-certified Flow Lab, a Metallurgy Lab and sophisticated in-house manufacturing equipment, Fike’s capabilities of producing custom rupture discs for nearly any oil and gas application are unmatched.

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Restoring Fluid Flow in Tubing Strings

Fike Hydraulic Tubing Drains (HTD) for use with deep hole drilling tools, downhole
devices and other oil and off shore drilling applications provide an accurate method to
equalize the fluid level in tubing strings, without mechanical manipulation. Fike HTD
rupture discs, used as standard equipment, drastically reduce the frequency of stuck
tubing strings, having to pull wet strings and other oil field equipment and tubing

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