Explosion Protection Services

Because Great Products Require Great Service

To achieve maximum protection against combustible dust explosions, having great products isn’t always enough. They also must be precisely installed and proactively serviced under NFPA guidelines. Learn how Fike’s turnkey services assures the reliability of your explosion protection system and the safety of your people and processes.

Comprehensive Capabilities

Every day Fike studies the science behind explosions through our on-site Combustible Dust Testing Lab and Large-Scale Explosion Testing Facility. We understand the science behind explosions. We know why combustible dust explosions happen. And we know how to mitigate the damage and propagation of deflagrations. It’s for these reasons Fike is the ideal partner that offers:

Step 1


Facility walk-through, dust hazard analysis, Combustible Dust Survey (CDS)

Step 2

Testing & Analysis

Combustible dust testing and explosive characteristics analysis

Step 3

Design Services

Custom system design and bill of materials based on CDS

Step 4


One-to-one turnkey installation services of Fike’s explosion protection system design

Step 5


Flexible options for preventative and emergency maintenance; or train your staff to lower cost of ownership


Receive Fike’s full capabilities and expertise to produce tailored solutions for your combustible dust explosion hazards. It often begins with a dust hazard analysis (DHA), a walkthrough of the facility that identifies specific hazardous areas and potentially combustible dust samples for testing. A Combustible Dust Survey (CDS) is produced, which discloses the latest codes, standards and recommended explosion protection solutions to best mitigate the hazard.

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Combustible Dust Testing & Analysis

Fike’s Combustion Test Lab provides empirical evidence about the explosibility characteristics of your facility’s dust. Our testing may come in small-scale (20 liter) or world-standard large-scale (1 m3) chambers, both of which are designed to provide accurate measurements that represent real-world, industrial-sized applications. In as few as two weeks, an ASTM- and CEN-standard report is produced that details your dust’s explosive properties. This data may be used to support explosion protection product integration into your facility.

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Design Services

Engaging Fike experts early in the equipment selection and design stages will ensure code compliance and protect your organization from costly mistakes. Fike’s explosion protection design team can perform:

  • basic budgetary system design with bill of materials and general schematics
  • custom system design based upon the Combustible Dust Survey (CDS)
  • full turnkey installation and construction project management

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Project Management, Installation & Commissioning

For an explosion protection device to work reliably, its installation must precisely match the system design. Even the smallest error can put people and equipment in danger. Our team of mechanical and electrical installation contractors ensure proper installation, avoiding any expensive mistakes and change orders in the future. Fike provides a dedicated project manager to work with your team and our contractors, regardless of whether you use our comprehensive turnkey services.

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NFPA requires that explosion protection devices are inspected quarterly to ensure reliable performance. Maintenance includes calibrating pressure detectors using proprietary software, making sure that valves cycle as designed, ensuring that suppressant containers are pressurized, and performing visual inspections of vents. Fike’s maintenance options include:

  • Preventative Maintenance Contracts – Fike performs quarterly inspections as required by NFPA.
  • Emergency Service Maintenance – Fike performs maintenance by request. And, after an event, Fike resets the system.
  • Training and Certification Programs – Fike trains and certifies a member of your staff to perform scheduled maintenance.

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A Comprehensive Explosion Services Offering

Our Explosion Protection Services are designed to offer you any or all of the support you need to get the most out of your Explosion Protection solutions. To discuss your requirements and how we can support you, reach out to a representative and start your service plan today.