Flow Laboratory

Validating Rupture Disc Performance within ASME Standards

Fike’s Flow Laboratory is a general-purpose flow characterization laboratory for quantifying the performance of rupture discs, their performance in combination with a pressure relief valve, and any other device where flow capacity and/or resistance to flow must be determined. The flow lab plays a key role in the engineering, testing, validating and certifying processes to ensure unmatched reliability is found in every Fike rupture disc.

Flow Lab Capabilities

Fike’s Flow Lab capabilities, performed in accordance with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors (NB) standards, include:

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Product development flow resistance and capacity tests

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ASME “UD” certification tests

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ASME six-year production audits of certified rupture disc devices

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Flow capacity measurements

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“UV” (valve) certification tests

Flow Lab Equipment

Fike’s Flow Laboratory is equipped with the largest size range of flow-resistance test rigs, ranging from ¼ inch to 4 inch in diameter (DN6 to DN 100), which connect to either of two zero-velocity tanks.

Utilizing a sonic inferential flow meter and proprietary software capturing data and 1000 samples per second, the laboratory provides accurate and ASME-certifiable data characterizing Fike rupture disc products. A 3,000-gallon dewar provides a liquid nitrogen supply to a cryogenic pump and evaporator which delivers 20,000 scfh of nitrogen gas to nine ASME “U1” gas storage vessels. Approximately 70,000 ft3 of gas is available for testing. Up to 10,000 scfm can be delivered to the test specimen for approximately four minutes.

Custom Engineered Solutions

Rupture discs are not always one-size fits all. Fike receives dozens of unique requests each year from aerospace, military, medical, nuclear and gas sampling industries requiring variants of Fike’s standard product offerings. When custom-engineered solutions are required, the Flow Lab is involved from the very beginning until the very end.

As part of our custom product design process, we are able to simulate specific applications and installations to determine if the potential solution provided by Fike engineers will meet the performance criteria as specified.

It’s all part of why Fike is known as a worldwide leader in providing industrial and hygienic overpressure relief solutions.

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