Fire Alarm Systems and Control Panels

Because Saving Seconds Means Saving Lives & Property

Industrial fires cause $1 billion worth of damage per year, and more importantly, costs lives. Mere seconds can be the difference between a minor incident and a major disaster. Fike’s comprehensive fire detection solutions range from the latest in fire alarm panel technology, air sampling detectors and nearly everything in between. All are designed to protect critical assets. All are designed to save lives.

The Fike Video Analytics Advantage

As part of your fire alarm system, Fike Video Analytics can significantly improve your organization’s response time and communication in the event of a fire. This technology is ideal for challenging environments as it quickly identifies the presence of smoke, flame or oil mist at its source, and it may be programmed to sound an alarm, release suppressant or even send a live video stream to safety personnel. Fike Video Analytics also offers:

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continuously recorded images, which can support future investigations into the incident that prompted the alert.

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the ability to use off-the-shelf cameras or previously installed cameras (must be ONVIF compliant)

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effective detection solutions for high-ceiling and open indoor environments.

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minimal maintenance and cleaning.

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peer-to-peer communication when coupled with a Fike control panel.


Today’s fire detection systems are capable of detecting fires as small as 0.1kW in size, far surpassing the capabilities of traditional detectors and saving invaluable seconds between flame ignition and detection in even the most challenging of applications.