Fire Suppression Systems

Fike-Fast Solutions for Any Application

Why just contain a fire when you can extinguish it? Unlike traditional water sprinklers, each of Fike’s fast-acting automatic fire suppression solutions are designed to extinguish fire hazards as quickly as possible, minimizing fire damage, smoke damage and even water damage. Fike fire suppression systems confidently protects your critical assets, and most importantly, the people within your organization.

Fike’s Impulse® Valve Technology – A Step Above the Rest

Fike’s patented Impulse Valve Technology is the highest-performing fire suppression container valve available. Featuring Fike’s Axius® rupture disc, our Impulse Valve combines the reliability and efficiency of our premium rupture disc and the flexibility of electric, pneumatic or manual actuation. This results in a suppression system that minimizes pressure loss and is:

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capable of longer pipe runs.

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flexible in design and installation options.

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easier to recommission.

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capable of firing six cylinders on a single releasing circuit.


As one of the trailblazers of today’s life- and property-saving fire suppression systems, Fike offers comprehensive solutions capable of protecting nearly any special hazard.

Fire Testing against Extreme Conditions

Before a Fike fire suppression system is distributed to customers, it endures extensive testing to ensure its speed and reliability in a variety of challenging environments.

Fike’s clean agent, water mist and CO2-based fire suppression systems’ performance are tested under extreme conditions, far greater than those it may encounter in the real world. Therefore, Fike fire suppression systems are tested to confidently protect people and critical assets from both a worst-case scenario and the more common fires it may experience in the field.

Explore how and why Fike tests its equipment against the most difficult fire conditions.