Rupture Discs for Pressure Relief

Protecting against Overpressure Hazards Since 1953

Every Fike rupture disc has a story to tell. It’s a story about our proprietary pre-engineered manufacturing that maximizes disc reliability. Our early adoption of the latest technologies to enhance quality and efficiency. And our cumulative expertise and unrivaled passion of more than 65 years of manufacturing rupture discs. It’s a story of why Fike’s pressure solutions are the best in the world.

The Best from the Best – Introducing the Axius® Rupture Disc

If a pressure-related event occurs in your production facility, what’s the cost of an hour of downtime? Or a day? A week? Gain ultimate protection from pressure-related downtime, damaged equipment and, most importantly, injuries with Fike’s premium rupture discs, Axius and Atlas, which feature:

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Superior Reliability

Features our highest operating ratios of 95 percent, allowing production facilities to run at full capacity without worry of rupture disc fatigue.

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High Life Cycle

Capable of cycling from full vacuum to 95 percent of burst pressure in excess of 100,000 times.

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True Ablation

Opening feature is laser-ablated or milled, not scored, providing an ultra-reliable line of weakness not found in work-hardened scoring methods

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48-Hour Expedited Service

May be manufactured and shipped within 48 hours of order (1-4 inch & 316 stainless only).

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Extended Warranty

A three-year warranty guarantees each Axius rupture disc’s performance and reliability.


Learn how Fike engineers, manufacturers, tests and validates rupture discs with our following capabilities:

Pressure Relief Valve Protection (ValveGuard)

Explore how Fike rupture discs may be used to isolate or “guard” pressure relief valves from process media and the ingress from downstream contaminants, increasing the service life of your costly pressure relief valves.

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Pressure Activation

More accurate than other techniques such as shear pins, Fike’s Pressure Activation Devices (PADs) are actuated by pressure applied at the wellhead, eliminating the need for mechanical actuation.

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Hygienic Rupture Discs

Fike’s selection of hygienic rupture discs ensure reliable pressure relief solutions while meeting stringent hygienic regulations in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

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Vacuum Protection

Fike offers rupture disc solutions designed to protect against vacuum conditions found within oil and gas, chemical and many other industries.

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Engineered Products/Custom Solutions

Learn about Fike’s capabilities of solving nearly any pressure-related problem within any industry and application, whether it’s modifying our existing rupture discs or engineering a new solution altogether.

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