Custom Engineered Rupture Discs

Capabilities, Expertise & Experience to Solve Nearly Any Pressure-Related Problem

At its core, Fike is a collection of problem solvers. We have the knowledge, patents, equipment and experience to deliver a solution for nearly any pressure relief challenge. With more than 65 years serving the world’s largest industries , Fike’s capabilities of producing custom engineered solutions is unmatched.

Let Us Make Your Problem Our Problem

Overpressure protection isn’t just our job—it’s our passion. When presented with a new challenge, we view it as an opportunity. Fike’s custom engineered products include the following capabilities:

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Years of experience serving challenging industries including military defense, aerospace, missile defense, nuclear reactors and many more.

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Wide selection of rupture disc holders (bolted type, screw type, union type, pre-torqueable and more), which can be engineered to fit nearly any need.

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ASME-Certified Flow Lab simulates specific applications and installations to determine if Fike’s solution meets required performance criteria.

How Fike’s Custom Engineered Products Work

Fike’s team of experts are capable of engineering custom solutions for nearly any pressure relief-related needs. Whether it’s engineering a new rupture disc, modifying an existing rupture disc or holder, or developing a unique pressure relief solution altogether, our team can help.

Fike begins by gathering as much information as possible about your rupture disc application needs. Our engineers consider all performance factors, including type of pressure relief application, operating conditions, inlet/outlet configurations, rupture disc specifications and special processes. Critical factors from rupture disc burst pressure to response time and leakage requirements are all examined to meet your specific needs.

Due to the critical nature of some applications, special testing procedures and equipment can be used to accurately simulate your rupture disc application conditions. Fike has a comprehensive program of destructive and non-destructive tests, and utilizes its own ASME-Certified Flow Characterization Lab to test and certify your custom products.

Ready to let us make your pressure relief problem ours?