Pressure Activation

A common problem in oil and gas drilling, completion and production is the failure of proper activation on downhole tools.

As wells continue to be drilled deeper, encountering higher pressures and temperatures, it is more critical than ever for correct tool activation. Fike’s rupture disc technology facilitates downhole pressure activation, serving as an effective alternative to wireline activation, mechanical manipulation and shear pins.

Engineered PADs for Oil & Gas Applications

As wells continue to be drilled deeper and encounter higher pressures and temperatures than ever before, reliable tool activation is critical. Fike’s Pressure Activation Devices (PADs) are ideal solutions for downhole pressure activation, featuring:

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utility for specific operating conditions (such as back pressure).

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utility for temperatures up to a maximum of 450°F

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burst tolerances from +/-2% to +/-5%

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various material options, including SST 17-4, SST 316, Inconel 600, and more


To protect people and critical assets within the oil and gas industry, Fike offers a variety of products which are engineered to meet the application’s specific needs.

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Pressure Activation Device Technology for Downhole Applications

An alternative technology to PADs for tool activation is shear pins. However, some of the disadvantages of shear pins technology include their:

  • reliance on moving mechanisms to activate, which may become stuck due to corrosion or other well conditions.
  • difficulty to install and change.
  • requirement for precise alignment when multiple pins are used.
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